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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 24, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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(steve) tonight at ten: new details about a stunning crime on bart... dozens of teenagers get onto a train and begin a violent crime spree. good evening i'm steve aveson.. (pam) and i'm pam moore... it happened at the coliseum bart station on saturday night..people were attacked -- others were robbed. here is the moment the bart train operator called dispatch for help.. (steve) so far ánoá arrests have been made. grant lodes is tracking the latest on the search for suspects...(pam) grant -- we're learning more about where bart police officers were when this was happening? (grant) ironically, bart has extra officers
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working saturday night at many of its oakland stations...but not the west oakland station. now the transit agency is hoping surveillance video helps cath the group. the distress call from bart around 9:30 saturday night as 40 to 60 juveniles jump the gates, go up to the platform, and rob passengers aboard a 9 car dublin train as it entered coliseum station passenger: "shocking, scary as well."alicia trost/bart spokesperson:"the moment the doors opened they jumped on board committed 7 robberies, 6 on the train, one on the platform. we had 5 cell phones stolen, one duffel bag, one purse, i do know 2 people were punched in the face."(grant) now authorities are
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reviewing surveillance footage from the station, platform and 6 of the 9 train cars that had working cameras. bart is also sharing surveillance images with o-p-d, police at oakland high schools, and the oakland housing authority. (grant) sadly this is not an issue that's limited to one part of the bay. last week in san francisco... our stanley roberts showed us exclusive video of a flash mob at the king street safeway in the city. seven people stormed the store... grabbing high end shampoos, booze, toothpaste, whatever... from the shelves...and 56 seconds later...they're outta
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there. workers at that store tell stanley this sort of thing happens almost every day at there. a manager there was attacked but not hurt that particular day. (grant) (steve) new tonight at ten: witnesses are being credited with stopping a kidnapping attempt in san francisco.(pam) now we are learning ... the suspected kidnapper is in custody after a police chase in the north bay. the crime happened around 9-pm
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saturday ... on steiner street. the woman was walking when the suspect got out of his car and grabbed her. (steve) kron4's j-r stone is live with details on how the accused attempted kidnapper was caught. j.r. steve, he was caught in petaluma sunday. at this point police have not released his identity but he is now behind bars in san francisco. right now this man is behind bars in connection with several crimes in san francisco and the north bay. officers believe he tried to kidnap a 31 year old woman in the cow hollow neighborhood of san francisco. shocking to women that we talked with.sot i walk along around here all the time so it's pretty scary. police say just before 9
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saturday night the suspect parked his car and approached a woman walking along the street. an area just two blocks from the iconic mrs. doubtfire house. he tried to put a mesh bag over the victim's head and attempted to force her into his vehicle. the victim screamed, others in the area heard those screams, and a driver began honking. witnesses told police the suspect was startled, let the victim go, and drove off. sot surprising to hear that happened and it makes you think about your neighborhood differently. sunday the pickup truck the suspect was driving was spotted in sonoma county. s-f-p-d sent cars from san francisco, chp was called, there was a chase, and the suspect crashed into another car. at least one person was hurt but officers captured the suspect. some say there have been other recent cases like this in the cow hollow/pacific heights area.sot it was i think a female again who was robbed a couple blocks from here and a
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couple incidents i've been hearing about in this neighborhood which is so strange. (steve) just in tonight --- an amber alert issued in southern california... just after five this evening --- a one year old girl -- lexi segura was abducted from rancho cucamunga, the suspect is daniel segura... he has numerous tattoos on his arms and neck and should be considered armed and dangerous. we also have details on what he might be driving..a 2012 red mitsubishi galant. license plate number 6wee209.. at this point no indication of where the he might be heading. (pam) the tennessee teacher accused of kidnapping a 15-year-old... appeared in court in sacramento today. this, as new court documents reveal more about tad cummins' alleged plans ....while on the
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run from police. (pam) authorities captured 50- year-old tad cummins in a remote cabin in northern california last week, after a weeks- long nationwide search. his former student, 15-year-old elizabeth thomas, was with him and rescued. according to court documents --- cummins planned to take the girl to mexico... and he even took a boat from san diego on a test run. they also show ... that during his six weeks on the run... cummins switched license plates twice, disabled his car's g-p-s, used aliases and paid only in cash. the teen girl's family spoke with reporters today about her struggles since being found. "you can tell she's a little bit apphrensive being around a lot of people right now. she's a little bit jittery. she's starting to relax a little bit, but she was pretty high-strung and she was usually bounncing off the walls and life of the party. lately, she seems to like things a little bit quiet - didn't like so many people converging on her at one time." (pam) cummins will return to
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tennessee to face federal and state charges. until then he will be held in california. cummins faces at least 10 years in prison. (steve) new tongiht at ten: a reward being offered after a car was stolen in the east bay.... not only did the thieves make off with the vehicle .. but a sick dog inside as well.(pam) tonight --- only on four.. kron4's alecia reid sat down with the heartbroken family, as they wonder if their dog is ok. she joins us live... this teenager didn't think for a second that making a quick stop here at marina square before walking her dog, would lead to her boyfriend's car being stolen, and her pooch, that was sitting in the back seat.pkgit's been 2 days of agony for 18 year old ayashe perez and her boyfriend nahoo.
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posting flyers in different cities, hoping to get her pooch back. "i really need him home because he's my life"koda was in the back seat of nahoo's beat up honda when thieves broke in and stole it. he'd only bought the car a month ago. "alternator wasn't working, there was a leak in the exhaust pipe so nothing was worth stealing"the culprits saw something of value. but even more significant, was the 13 year black scottish terrier. koda was recently diagnosed with cushioning disease. he's on medication and has to take one pill every 12 hours for the rest of his life."he gets tired easily. he gets really hungry, like if he's starving. and when he urinates he urinates excessively. not like other dogs. and he has to go to the bathroom constantly" without his meds, there's a possibility diabetes or kidney failure will develop. his owners have been searching far and wide for their dog."we went to a lot of animal shelters in richmond the farthest we went was pinole" due to flyers and a facebook page dedicated to finding him, a number of calls of been
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coming in. but none of the sightings matched koda. the family has put up an award for his safe return."we got him as a puppy and he's been with me every day. and i was going to take him to college. i didn't expect to have him taken from me"standupkoda has an appointment this thursday to see a specialist for his failing digestive system.his family is hoping they'll be able to take himreporting live in san leandro. ( pam ) turning to the nba playoffs-- the warriors are another step closer to reaching the finals. (steve) golden state-- playing without head coach steve kerr-- dominated the portland trail blazers from wire-to-wire... to sweep their first round series. mark carpenter joins us in the newsroom with some early
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highlights mark? the warriors...without kerr as he deals with his painful symptoms from back surgery. as of now it's not known when he'll be back, but they did celebrate the return of kevin durant tonight... and golden state came out firing from the opening tip. let's go to the highlights-- and golden state came out like a team...trying to put an end to this series. just destroyed portland from the start. scored a franchise playoff record 45-points in the first quarter alone. kevin durant...he looked good...played only 20-minutes, but finished with 10-points. warriors led by as many as ...33. six players scored in double figures. steph curry led them all with 37-points, shooting 7-of-11 from three warriors sweep the blazers they win 128- 103 warriors now await the winner of the clippers-jazz series. since that one is tied at 2-all, that automatically means they'll play at least 6 games. great sign for golden state...which will have at
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least 5-days of rest. mark carpenter, kron4 news (steve) thanks mark.. later we'll take you live out to portaland ... and get reacton to the big win. (pam) coming up: we'll tell you where in the bay area.. making less than a six figure income is now considered "low income"... and why it's not all bad news, if you don't make 100- thousand a year. (steve) then:new details about the latest altercation
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on a plane to go viral... a woman on an american airlines flight in tears after a flight attentand nearly hits her baby.the connection it now has to the high profile dragging incident on united. (pam) and next:a lawsuit filed over this violent police beating... new tonight -- how an attorney for the suspect says, the police mistreatment continued once the man was taken to jail. ♪ hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast. see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru impreza. the longest-lasting vehicle in its class. more than a car, it's a subaru. (steve) the free speech
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battle in berkeley is heating up. as the university is hit with a lawsuit claiming conservative author ann coulter's rights were violated. (pam) ann coulter was originally scheduled to speak at cal on thursday... but the school's administration says, they cancelled the event for safety reasons. kron4's charles clifford has the details.. and reaction from students. earlier this year, violent protests here in berkeley forced the cancellation of a speech by former breitbart editor milo yiannopoulos. last week cal officials said they received information coulter's speech, which was scheduled for this thursday, might trigger similar protests. because they couldn't guarantee student safety or coulter's well being, the school's administration decided to cancel her appearance and are now facing a backlash from her supporters. in their lawsuit, which was filed in federal court monday, the berkeley college republicans and the young america's foundation say that decision to cancel ann coulter's speech violated her right to free speech.sotyou can't allow a heckler or protestor to shutdown legitimate speech.they also dismissed the school claim that the speech was cancelled
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for safety reasons.sotit's the problem of the taxpayers and the mayor's office and the people who run the police department in berkeley to make sure the people who are in the premises of berkeley california are safe from violent criminals who are trying to suppress the rights of others.after the lawsuit was filed, a cal spokesperson released a statement claiming that they support free speech and have been working to reschedule colter's appearance. "uc berkeley has been working to accommodate a mutually agreeable time for ms. coulter's visit - which has not yet been scheduled - and remains committed to doing so. the campus seeks to ensure that all members of the berkeley and larger community - including ms. coulter herself - remain safe during such an event."student we spoke to on monday seemed divided on the issue. soti understand where the school is coming from as of monday evening, coulter says she still plans to give her speech on thursday but it's unclear if the cal administration is willing to accommodate her. on the cal campus, charles clifford kron 4 news. (steve) new at ten:a high profile
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bay area civil rights attorney has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a black man beaten by a sacramento police officer during an arrest. this is the video that went all started because the man was jaywalking.reporter joe khalil is tracking what the man seen being punched in the video now wants. (nats)this viral video quickly led to anger and protest in sacramento.and today--it led to a lawsuit.john burriscivil rights attorney"mr.cain's federal civil rights were violated when he was viciously assaulted"attorneys for nandi cain jr.--the man taking punches from a sacramento police officer in this video-- announced monday they've filed suit against the city-- sacramento county--and this officer individually--whom the suit identifies as anthony figueroa."there could not and should not be any circumstances that an officer
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could justify using that level of force."nandi cain jr.beaten by officer"racism is still alive. and you would think that it was 2017, it would die."(nats)originally stopped for jay-walking--before this interaction with officer figueroa turned violent-- (nats-dash cam/ nandi comment) cain says the moments after his arrest--not caught on camera--left him traumatized. cain"it's been very overwhelming. i haven't been able to sleep. haven't been eating regularly."the lawsuit alleges after cain was taken to jail--a nurse failed to provide him with medical attention.later--the suit claims deputies kneed cains ribs, and pinned him to the ground while they stripped him naked--hurling insults his way the entire time.burris"they engage in a form of personal humiliation."tony turnbull sacramento sheriff's office"i just want to reiterate at this point in time these are only allegations."tony turnbull with the sacramento sheriff's office says they'll soon hand over video that shows how jail staff handled cain after he was booked.which hasn't been done yet."this case will be handled just like any allegations we've received in the past."
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(steve) the man in the video says he hopes the lawsuit will discourage officers from using force like this when it is not warranted. (pam) new at 10. elton john suffering a serious health scare... the colosseum at caesar's palace says, elton john's april and may appearances are canceled... because the singer fell ill from a rare infection. in a facebook post, the las vegas venue said, john contracted an unusual bacterial infection during a recent tour of south america. john got sick after a trip to chile, and spent two nights in the i-c-u of a hospital in the u-k. the 70-year-old pop icon is currently resting at home ... after being released saturday... he is expected to make a full recovery. (pam) a live look outside ... clouds covered the bay area for most of the day today.. and tonight as well.. (steve)
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tuesday is supposed to get more sunshine.. chief meterologist brittney shipp has the details. a ridge of high pressure will slowly build into our region whichwill lead to drier conditions along with warmer temperatures. asthe ridge moves in the pressure gradient will greatly increasewhich will lead to gusty winds on friday. very breezy conditions are likely for a portion of our area.
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(pam) six fighters for the environment ... were celebrated this evening in san francisco at the 28th annual goldman environmental prize awards... the goldman prize recognizes the courage of regular people from around the world... fighting against the odds to protect
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their communities from logging.. mining.. and destruction .. often at great personal risk and loss. the goldman prize is one of the pre-eminent awards for the environment in the world.six people - one each from india.. the democratic republic of congo.. australia.. guatemala.. slovenia and los angeles .. were honored before a large audience at san francisco's war memorial .. the prize comes with a monetary award to help the activists continue their work. i had the privilege of being emcee for the event. the prize was established by richard and rhoda goldman back in 1989 ... and is continued in their memory, by their family. it is designed to honor those average people who battle governments, corporations and more to protect the planet .. (steve) still ahead - heartstopping video of a girl falling out of a moving bus... tonight -- hear from the man who came to the child's aid. (pam) and next:the bay area cities where a six figure
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income ... is now remarkably ... considered 'low income'. yes, the toyota mirai runs on hydrogen. yes, the fuel is complimentary for up to three years. yes, it has an epa-estimated range of 312 miles. yes, you will probably have to answer lots of silly questions from strangers. yes, this is a mind-blowing marvel of technology. and, yes, you can buy it today- because the future doesn't start next week, next month or next year... the future starts now. in the hydrogen-fueled toyota mirai.
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there is a place where heroes hspider-man.... black widow... captain america... and eddie? so, what's the plan? breaking out the guardians, pal. come celebrate the all-new guardians of the galaxy-mission: breakout! during the summer of heroes, only at disneyland resort. hero up! (pam) the cost of living
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in the bay area is a challenge for many families.(steve) now, a 6-figure salary is considered "low-income" in parts of the bay area. these new numbers came from the federal government department of housing and urban development... the salaries are for a family of four.. in san francisco and san mateo counties the salary is 105-thousand. santa clara county about 84-thousand contra costa counties about 80-thousand. (pam ) kron 4's justine waldman has what this means for families earning those amounts. sot it is becoming more challenging with two kids now in daycare that is for sure
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mom megan, just welcomed her second child to the world. she is constantly debating if she can raise her family in san francisco because of the high cost of living. sot this is a big question my husband and i are discussing at the moment.. tbd! new numbers now highlight that the cost of living in the bay area continues to climb. according to the department of housing and urban devleopment.... these salaries are considered low-income for a family of 4. in san francisco, marin and san mateo counties the salary is more than 105-thousand dollars. santa clara just over 84-thousand. alameda and contra costa counties.. about 80-thousand. for napa it is 74-thousand. and solano 64-thousand. what does this mean???sot they are eliagble now to apply for housing through the local housing authority be it
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section 8 be it public housing or other hud sub programs. ed cabrera with hud tells me... the income limits in the bay area are the highest of any area in the country. and in san francisco... the salary limit went up 10-thousand dollars from last year. the numbers come from the high median incomes, the tight rental and hot housing market. the solution? ed cabrera sot build at every income level because the demand far out weighs the supply for megan, the numbers are not that surprising. sot six figures is a lot of money in most places the fact that it doesn't get you much here is a bit sad (steve) coming up:new details about the altercation on an american airlines flight.. the action the woman -- whose baby was nearly hit by a flight attentand --
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is now taking. (pam) then new at ten:bay area mothers open up about the challenges of raising a child on the autism spectrum. (steve) and next...the warriors sweep the trail blazers in the first round of the playoffs.. we'll take you live to portland next.
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the portland trailblazers in the first round of the nba playoffs...(steve) and they did it without head coach steve kerr.... reporter andrew dymburt (dim-bert) joins us live from the moda center in portland. (pam) as we close in on
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president trump's first one- hundred days in office... the president's week is packed with events aimed at highlighting his accomplishmen ts.(steve) but all that work may be overshadowed by a battle on capitol hill. karin caifa (prono: kay-fuh) reports from washington. president trump -- kicking off an action-packed countdown to
10:33 pm
day 100 of his presidency.sean spicer/white house press secy: we feel very good about what we've done up to this first 100 days.before he marks the milestone with a saturday rally in pennsylvania, the white house says he will sign a handful of executive orders on veterans, energy, agriculture and trade.but first -- a hard deadline to do something he hasn't yet done - help pass a bill on capitol hill.congress, returning from a two week recess, has just days to negotiate and execute - against a friday deadline to pass a spending measure that avoids a government shutdown. but the white house has been sending mixed signals, as to what the measure must include -- like funding for one of president trump's signature campaign promises -- the wall along the mexican border.john kelly/ homeland security secretary: i will suspect he will be insistent on the funding.reince priebus/ wh chief of staff/nbc meet the press "we've already seen progress in regard to getting money for border security within the cr. so i'm pretty confident we're going to get something that's satisfactory to the president in regards to
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border security."democrats have balked at the idea, which could upend weeks of work in bipartisan budget negotiations. rep. nancy pelosi/ (d) minority leader: the democrats do not support the wall. i think the republicans on the border states do not support the wall. the trump administration also previously expressed the desire to get a health care deal done and tax reform started, by the end of this week -- ambitious legislative hurdles for this gop white house and gop-led congress (pam) a u-s citizen has been detained in north korea.. it happened on friday. tony kim was just steps from boarding a plane at the pyongyang's airport. kim had been in the country for several weeks teaching an accounting class. the u-s state department says, it is monitoring the situation. at least two other u-s citizens are known to be in north korean custody. (steve)he's been laying low, out of the spotlight, for months...but monday former president barack obama made his first public appearance since leaving office.he spoke with students at the university of's part of his mission to encourage and support young people. former president
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barack obama: "it is true that if you had pictures of everything i had done when i was in high school, i probably wouldn't have been president of the united states. so, i would advise all of you to be a little more circumspect about your selfies, and what you take pictures of, just a suggestion. but it is a real problem. the, everything is searchable, and look, this is one of the challenges in being in public life in general." the former president has spent much of the last three months on vacation in palm springs and on a caribbean island with english billionaire richard branson (steve) happening now... a lawyer for the kentucky doctor who was dragged from a united flight... says he is now also representing a woman who got into a verbal confrontation with a flight
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attendant on american airlines. (pam) grant lodes is back now with the video that's making many travelers shake their heads. (grant) american has suspended this flight attendant after this video surfaced, showing tense moments before a flight left s-f-o friday night. the incident started after a flight attendant took a stroller away from a mother just before takeoff. witnesses say she tried to put the stroller in the overhead bin. they say the flight attendant took it down aggressively... hitting her with it and coming just inches from hitting her baby. another passenger jumps up to defend her. and this incident comes
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just weeks after a man was violently dragged off of a united airlines flight in chicago. dr. david dao suffered a concussion and a broken nose and teeth when he refused to give up his seat to a united employee. again, the legal process is unfolding in that incident as well. (steve aveson) a hero volunteer firefighter is speaking about how he helped a four-year-old girl who fell out of the back of a bus in arkansas. ryan ciampoli saw the incident just as he was driving behind the bus. his dash camera caught the entire scene on video. and take a look you can see the young girl fall out of a school bus as the vehicle continues to barrel down the road. ciampoli then scoops the girl up in his arms and carrys her to safety.
10:38 pm
the four-year-old girl was later hospitalized with a broken jaw. ciampoli say's he just happy the child is alive. (sot) "then the shock kicked in in her little body and she started kicking and screaming and "where's my mommy?" and things like that, stuff like that is really heartbreaking." police say the little girl had accidentally unlatched the back door of the bus. her parents say she will need surgery, but she should be out of the hospital this week. coming upif i catch you driving again i'm going to tow it ok / i just need you to park it ok i know you don't want to get this thing towed if police towed every driver's car that was behaving badly the tow yards would be filled to the rim, i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly just ahead, giants back in the bay and looking to take out their frustrations on the rival dodgers.we'll have highlights from at&t. plus, madison bumgarner tells us what went wrong in that dirt bike accident that sent him to the disabled list.
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economists expect weak q1 economic growth . . .a report this week on first-quarter economic growth is likely to hew to the overriding theme of the economy's early-in-the-year performance since the great recession ended in 2009: weakness. but is the culprit sluggish economic fundamentals or bad measurement? the latest releases on new home sales, consumer confidence and business investment will round out the week's economic indicators. iphone 8 delayed economists expect weak q1
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economic growth . . .a report this week on first-quarter economic growth is likely to hew to the overriding theme of the economy's early-in-the-year performance since the great recession ended in 2009: weakness. but is the culprit sluggish economic fundamentals or bad measurement? the latest releases on new home sales, consumer confidence and business investment will round out the week's economic indicators. iphone 8 delayed to october or november . . . kgi analyst ming-chi kuo said the iphone 8 may not launch until october or november. kuo isn't the first analyst to point to an iphone 8 delay. apple will reportedly launch two other models, the iphone 7s and iphone 7s plus, in september as usual. shortly after, drexel hamilton analyst brian white said the same, arguing that apple's 5.8-inch iphone 8 "will be delayed by several weeks due to challenges around the 3-d sensing technology but still in time for the december holidays." last week, bloomberg reported that supply
10:43 pm
constraints would delay the launch.
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in a story you'll only see on kron 4 a number of mothers from the bay area sat down with our alecia reid to discuss raising autistic children on the moderate to severe end of the spectrum . (pam) they say it is a job for a community of people... working to help their children gain our autism awareness month special, these mothers hope the disability won't hinder their childrens' futures.. learning is a challenge for 16 year old isabel.
10:47 pm
9 months old, her parents noticed something was off by the time she was a year and a half. diagnosed with autism at age 5, it's been a long journey for her and her family. sot "autism has many faces. it crosses every socio- economic, racial, and cultural background. and each case is different."they're incredible human beings"twelve year old muhammed is almost 6 foot tall. his journey started out completely different from izzy's. he displayed aggressive and dysfunctional behaviors at a very young age.
10:48 pm
specifically for him. so although he may not be able to say what he needs, the machine can do the job.kasten rich, who is a ball of energy, attends the same school as izzy and muhammed. at the bay school each student has their own instructor. their parents have become close friends over the yearsknowing each child has their own eccentric trait."it's not easy for them. at all"bridgewith autism, diagnosis can range anywhere on the spectrum, and for a lot of these families, any small accomplishment is a huge izzy making eye contact. her mom says for 10 years, she would never so much as look someone in the eye. it's been a long road, and the family's expectations have been altered.(crying)
10:49 pm
"not to assume that every little girl can be a temple grandin, because she won't be. so that's kind of been a little hard over the years." it's emotional for the community of parents that try to uplift each other. at times, their childrens' behaviors in public raises eyebrows. one too many of them have had police called because there's an episode and people don't understand."are they gonna take him away, you know, are they gonna handcuff my kid. stuff like that scares me" mizpah brown-rich / son diagnosed with autism "i've sat in public with kasten having a meltdown and hearing parents respond negatively, there's a mother with a child that's out of control."this is a snippet of one of kasten's breakdowns caught on tape.
10:50 pm
"some people are gonna need more help than others. and people like muhammed and kasten are gonna be those people."lucy berlin / daughter diagnosed with autism "in the longterm as she ages into adulthood and out of the school, her be able to get a part time job, and i think that will be possible. something simple like stocking shelves."dr. andrea gold / executive director the bay school "when you take the time to get to know them and to get to help them interact with their community and see them learn, there's no better feeling in the world." reporting in santa cruz alecia reid, kron 4 news a ridge of high pressure will slowly build into our region whichwill lead to drier conditions along with warmer temperatures. asthe ridge moves in the pressure gradient will greatly increasewhich will lead to gusty winds on friday. very breezy conditions
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are likely for a portion of our area. one round in the books, three to go for a world championship. the one round in the books, three to go for a world championship. the warriors... sweep the blazers to take round one. let's go to the highlights. --while the warriors go on without steve kerr as he deals with a medical issue, but kevin durant...back in the lineup and ready to roll. --kd...with the early dunk...warriors up 14-zip --basically, the first quarter summed up this entire game. later on..klay thompson, triple....warriors lead 25-5. --still in the first, steph curry...aces from three. golden state now up 35-9. --then, draymond
10:52 pm
green...alley oop to javale mcgee. money. warriors scored a franchise playoff record 45-points in the first quarter. --they led by as many as 33... six players scored in double figures. 128-103...the final as the warriors make short work of portland and now await the winner of jazz- clippers. let's hear from interim head coach mike brown. mike brown:" turning to the giants-- the orange and black...back home and aiming to get this season right with a four-game set against the dodgers. let's go to at&t park-- matt cain on the hill tonight.... the veteran, dealing...a strong six innings of work with no runs allowed, 2 hits and 3-punchouts. --and the offense did just enough bottom 7th-- giants up 1-zip... 2-on, hunter pence...liner up the middle. buster posey comes home. san francisco wins 2-1....
10:53 pm
snaps a four-game losing streak. before the game-- madison bumgarner...spoke out about that dirt bike accident that sent him to the disabled list. the ace says he's an experienced rider and was wearing a helmet. and he claims he wasn't trying any crazy stunts, just spun out. madison bumgarner: "i wish i had some kind of cool story for you that was some kind of crazy wreck, but it really wasn't anything spectacular. just super unfortunate"" still no timetable announced for his recovery, but he is expected to be out for at least 6 weeks. he says there are lines in his contract that prohibit non baseball activities, but there have not been talks of any disciplinary action. finally tonight, we want to say congratulations to five bay area sports greats. the bay area sports hall of fame induction ceremony going on in san francisco tonight. and the legends being honored this year include-- carmen policy, bill cartwright, kerri walsh- jennings, russell baze and matt williams. the hall of fame has partnered with kron for this year's event....
10:54 pm
and our gary radnich is hosting the festivities. thanks gary.. here's what's next...
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(( steve )) there are two important safety elements to driving in attention to the rules of the road and keep your car in shape to follow those rules. (( pam )) police can't track down every infraction but when they catch someone behaving badly behind the wheel ... they have the option to tow the car away. and sometimesthey do and sometimes they don't. stanley roberts takes a closer look .. you can keep it parked here you can have it towed somewhere but i would get that taken care of with the dmv as soon as possible. if a police department towed every driver caught riding dirty, there would be a staggering amount of cars and trucks in the impound yard so officers are given something called
10:58 pm
discretion. nats: ambiance police officers pull over lots of drivers on any given day but more so during a crackdown, this driver was chilling at a stop light but forgot one important detail of driving to put on his seatbelt he is pulled over and the officer, in this case it's officer guaydacan of the brisbane police department has a chat with the driver may i see your license registration and insurance please? the driver was having a craving (sot) just going to jack in the box (just going to jack in the box) hate when that happens many times a day do you have your license registration and insurance . basically the standard question is asked when pulled over .. if you are missing any of those thing you could have issues this driver was missing proof of insurance and his registration appeared to be long over do anything past 6 month expited registration is subject ot automatic tow did you know that ..(no i did not) i really don't want to tow this vehicle . the reason why he was stopped for a cell phone violation you have fix it tickets for your
10:59 pm
registration.. this driver was also seen with no seatbelts . she also was missing one important document do you know who the car is registed according to the driver she bought the car from craigslist but couldn't afford to register the vehicle so basically the car could be towed . i tried to talk to the driver but she gave me the cold shoulder you don't want to talk to me? nope i don't have toin both cases the vehicles could be towed . but once a officer decides to tow a car that officer is out of comission for a min of 1 hour each decision is on a case by case basis and your provious driver record could have a huge impact oh by the way: the driver of the truck reappeared with all the documents and the fix it ticket was signed off but i was still behaving badly my advice .. have all your documents in order. oh and don't be caught riding dirtyim not going to sit here and watch you leave but you're an adult co you can make your decision but if i catch you driving again i'm going to tow it ok in san mateo county stanley roberts kron 4 news (steve) new details about a
11:00 pm
stunning crime on bart... dozens of teenagers get onto a train and begin a violent crime spree.good evening i'm steve aveson..(pam) and i'm pam moore... it happened at the coliseum bart station on saturday night.. people were attacked -- others were robbed. no arrests were made.grant lodes has details about where bart police were when all this was happening. (grant) there were two officers in the coliseum station parking lot...but none on the platform of on the train that was targeted. now the transit agency is hoping surveillance video helps cath the group. the distress call from bart around 9:30 saturday night as 40 to 60 teenagers... jump the gates, go up to the platform, and rob passengers aboard a 9 car dublin train as it entered coliseum station passenger: "shocking, scary as well."alicia trost/bart spokesperson:"the moment the


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